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About Folk Routes

About The Folk Routes Anarchist Networking and Distribution Syndicate

Folk Routes is cooperatively run and is based in the North-East. We provide outlets for radical bands, artists, and thinkers, to organize, get in contact, and disseminate information.We work to connect individuals and groups because we believe that if we DIT (do it together), we can help each another accomplish our goals. Free of charge, and free of advertising, we distribute the art and music that we believe can profoundly and positively affect the world. We believe in open-information, accessible art, and mutual aid.

Folk Routes Projects:


A free-of charge and free-of advertisement website that is intended to function as a group portfolio of members associated with folk routes. An online presence for a network of friends and peers. Still in the works, folkroutes.org will also include:

A forum for members and non members to communicate and network.

A store to buy or sell cds, prints, books, and more

A larger music-site is in the works, that will be for the general public to sign up.

Folkroutes.org took many hours to program, and still is being worked on and needs constant upkeep. If you like what you see, or the service you get, please consider donating.